Yearn - yvWETH


The Yearn WETH vault optimizes ETH staking by automatically compounding the rewards and supplying staked ETH tokens on lending protocols.

Risk Level — 'A'


The vault revolves around ETH liquid staking narrative as Yearn WETH heavily relies on stETH derivative by Lido.

Why Invest

The vault is built using top-tier DeFi protocols and assets, making it a perfect fit for risk-averse ETH investors looking to outpace ETH staking returns.

What’s Inside

User funds are converted into stETH and supplied either on AAVE or Compound for additional rewards.

These rewards are regularly harvested and reinvested back into the vault.

What makes it stand out

The vault has an impeccable track record of security and consistent performance. The underlying strategies are transparent and the assets can be verified in real-time.

Safety Scoring

Simplicity - 5/5Longevity - 5/5Protocol safety - 5/5Overall score - 5/5

Strategy is easy to understand and execute. No leverage is involved. Losses are highly unlikely.

The strategy has been running for more than 9 months without any issues and major changes to the codebase.

Utilized protocol(s) have been audited by multiple firms, have an active bug bounty and had no exploits or hacks in the past.

Low risk

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