Rivo Points

Rivo Points overview

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Rivo Points Program, scheduled to commence Q2 2024, offering participants the opportunity to get allocation of 10% from total supply. 100% of community incentives planned to distributed on TGE scheduled to happen in Q4, 2024 - Q1, 2025.

What is Rivo Points?

Rivo points are meant to reward users who contribute to the success of the protocol by performing key actions: investments, swaps and inviting other users. The points earned will allow you to get part of tokens planned to be distributed for community incentives.


  • Token Allocation: 10% of the total Rivo token supply will be distributed among Rivo point program participants.

  • Infinite Points: No cap for the total number of points. Earn tokens without limits, the earned points will increase your share of the total allocated token pool.

How to earn Rivo Points

Current options for earning points can be found on the Rivo points page, basically there are three main ways: regular tasks, bonus tasks and affiliate campaign.

Regular tasks

Regular tasks can be executed without bounds, they will not expire and will be valid for the entire programme.

  • Invest in any strategy on Rivo to get 1 point for every 1$ of investment. Points are credited every 24 hours.

  • Do a swap on Rivo to get 0.1 points for every $1 in the value of your swap.

Bonus tasks

Bonus tasks are completed once and may also have a time limit. After completing the task, you will be credited with the specified amount of points. The list of bonus tasks will be updated and extended, so keep an eye on the relevant tab not to miss out.

Affiliate campaign

To receive additional points invite users through your referral link, you will get an additional 8% of all points earned by them. Invited users must be new, the referral link will not work for users already registered in the Rivo points.

Points Boost

Boost your points by obtaining Rivo Founding member NFT. NFT owners receive 10% more points from all tasks both bonus and regular.

1st Epoch

The points programme will be divided into two epochs, dates and details of the second epoch will be announced later on.

  • First Epoch Timing: May - June 2024

  • Vesting: 100% on TGE

Early Points

The early stage of the Rivo points program will also see the launch of a temporary Early points campaign. Early Points are intended as a welcome reward for clients of partner projects.

Criteria: Users interacting with partners project’s smart contracts in the last 12 months will be eligible.

Tiers: Users will be categorized into three tiers based on wallet balance, on-chain activity, and other relevant factors.

Call-to-action: Unclaimed during 14 days since the launch of 1st Epoch points will be burnt.

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