Rivo Docs

Introduction to Rivo.xyz

What is Rivo.xyz?
​Rivo.xyz is a DeFi platform that combines a multichain smart-contract wallet with a DeFi marketplace, providing easy access to earning with DeFi in just one click.
This combination helps you to seamlessly set up a wallet, swap across multiple chains, invest in high performance DeFi strategies, and pay for gas with any token you have on your balance.
Rivo is your ultimate spot for investments with the best risk-reward ratio and educational tutorials boosting your financial prosperity.

Actual DeFi Problems

  • Self-custody wallets with private keys are scary;
  • High complexity on DeFi products;
  • Hacks, exploits, rug pulls;
  • DeFi strategies are complex and ever changing;
  • Volatility and risks are high.


With a team that has a proven track record of innovation and expertise, Rivo aims to become a leading DeFi marketplace by implementing account abstraction technology and other cutting-edge features that will drive long-term value to our community.
  • Ilya, CEO — 15 years of Hi-Tech management, founder of Mail.ru Cloud. Launched tech products for 10+ million users. Scaling Midas.Investments to 50k active investors from 83 countries;
  • Iakov, CDFO (Chief DeFi Officer) — the founder and CEO of Midas.Investments. 6 years of experience in projects with a focus on blockchain, crypto, FinTech, DeFi, and CeDeFi;
  • Alexey, CPO — 10+ years of experience in product development; since 2018 has been taking part in crypto wallets development with 100к MAU;
  • Kirill, CTO — an expert in building CEXs and DEXs ranking in the top 3 in the world.

Comparison with competitors