Funding through Centralized Exchange

Centralized exchanges (often shortened to CEXs) can be a convenient place to buy cryptocurrencies and tokens. There are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges currently available, and we will furnish you with links to guides on purchasing cryptocurrencies on several prominent exchanges:

To move your funds from a CEX to the Rivo wallet follow these steps:

Step 1 Visit the platform you want to withdraw from and log in.

Step 2 Find the crypto you want to withdraw and click the Withdraw button.

Step 3 Copy your Rivo wallet address from the sidebar.

Step 4 Paste your Rivo wallet address, always double-check that you pasted the correct address.

Step 5 Choose the network, enter the amount you would like to withdraw and submit.

Step 6 The transfer could take up to 10 minutes. Check your recent transactions to confirm the status of the withdrawal. It may take longer if the network is busy.

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