Rivo Security Infrastructure

Has Rivo been audited?

Rivo marketplace provides a user-friendly interface to search, filter, and review Defi strategies, but does not have the smart contracts that are typically audited. However, the projects that are presented on the marketplace have smart contracts and code that has been reviewed by public auditors, which you can read on the strategy page.

Non-Custodial Platform and Audited Providers

Unlike intermediary platforms that store user funds, Rivo is a non custodial offering that directly connects investors to DeFi protocols through its audited swap providers - Enso.finance, Portals.fi and Li.fi This approach reduces the risk of losses associated with third-party custodians.

To elaborate, Enso is a unified DeFi application programming interface (API) that enables users to conveniently interact with any DeFi primitive — i.e. generic building blocks designed to efficiently and reliably perform one task such as escrow, lending, borrowing, etc. On the other hand, Portals is a yield and protocol aggregator providing transaction bundling, any-to-any (token) swaps, and real-time data for a wide range of DeFi assets.

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