Rivo Founding Club

Join us during the Rivo Founding Club, Season #1 to take part of a significant chapter in our project's journey.

How to get Founding Member NFT?

  • Make a $500 investment in any Rivo platform in any strategy;

  • Hold position for a minimum of 14 days.

Utility of Founding Member NFT

  • Zero platform fees and commissions;

  • Exclusive raffles and rewards;

  • Further allocations reserved for NFT holders;

  • Boost affiliate reward

Invite Friends

Earn $30 for each friend minted Founding Member NFT if you hold NFT on your wallet or get $15 without holding NFT.

  • Use your unique affiliate link to invite friends to mint the Founding Member NFT and enjoy rewards of up to $30 for every successful referral;

  • Our decentralized affiliate program generates personalized referral links based on your web3 wallet address;

  • Partners can automatically claim their rewards once the referred users meet the specified criteria.

Important notice for sybils

To save us both time, please refrain from participating in our affiliate campaign with multiple accounts, fraudulent wallets, or newly created wallets. These accounts will be excluded from the campaign and will not be eligible for rewards.

We reserve the right to exclude accounts without providing an explanation, but we will always be open to discussion to ensure fairness.

If you are not a sybil, rest assured that your legitimate activity will be rewarded. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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