Yearn - yvUSDC


The Yearn USDC vault on Optimism earns yield by supplying USDC on AAVE lending market. The vault receives occasional OP incentives from the Optimism foundation.

Risk Level — 'A'


The strategy can be related to the “real yield” narrative as the returns are mostly organic and come from real demand for USDC liquidity

Why invest

The vault relies on top-tier protocols and offers competitive stablecoin yields.

What’s inside

Funds are converted into aOptUSDC, a yield-bearing token representing a lending position on AAVE.

What makes it stand out

The strategy involves best in class protocols in terms of security and provides sustainable returns, which also scale with USDC demand on AAVE.

Safety Scoring

Simplicity - 5/5Longevity - 5/5Protocol safety - 5/5Overall score - 5/5

Strategy is easy to understand and execute. No leverage is involved. Losses are highly unlikely.

The strategy has been running for more than 9 months without any issues and major changes to the codebase.

Utilized protocol has been audited by multiple firms, have an active bug bounty and had no exploits or hacks in the past.

Low risk

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