Yearn - st-yCRV


st-yCRV is a liquid version of the staked CRV token by Yearn.Finance. The strategy accrues staking yield, as well as additional rewards for lending CRV voting power.

Risk Level — 'A'


Both Yearn and Curve are long-standing protocols with a proven track record of performance, forming a backbone of Ethereum DeFi.

Why Invest?

The vault provides easy access to liquid CRV staking alongside boosted yields.

What’s Inside?

Deposited funds are converted to yCRV and deposited on Yearn as st-yCRV to earn staking rewards, which are automatically compounded by Yearn.

What Makes It Stand Out?

Both Curve and Yearn are long-standing protocols with a solid track record of security. The strategy also provides above-average returns for CRV staking and significantly simplifies the staking process.

Safety Scoring

Simplicity - 4/5Longevity - 5/5Protocol safety - 5/5Overall score - 4.6/5

Strategy is relatively simple, and is easy to unwind.

The strategy has been running for more than 9 months without any issues and major changes to the codebase.

Utilized protocol(s) have been audited by multiple firms, have an active bug bounty and had no exploits or hacks in the past.

Low risk

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