The strategy provides liquidity for MAGIC, a token issued by Treasure DAO. Treasure are building gaming infrastructure on Arbitrum and currently host over 10 games on their platform.The MAGIC token serves as the backbone for in-game economies and is designed to gradually accrue value over time.

Risk Level — 'A'


MAGIC and Treasure DAO are part of a broader GameFi sector, which are essentially blockchain-based games. The goal of GameFi is to bring transparent and seamless payment rails for gaming economies and to allow gamers to get rewarded for their in-game efforts.

Why invest?

MAGIC is a token that powers multiple games on the Treasure DAO platform. Investing in MAGIC is essentially a bet on the development of the Treasure ecosystem.

What’s inside?

Funds are converted into MAGIC-ETH LP on Sushiswap and are then wrapped by Beefy to automatically compound accrued rewards.

What makes it stand out?

The strategy features an altcoin with a very unique usecase and economic design and offers a significant amount of rewards for liquidity provision, making it a great fit for long-term MAGIC and ETH investors.

Safety Scoring

Simplicity - 3/5Longevity - 5/5Protocol safety - 5/5Overall score - 4.3/5

Has potential for losses, withdrawal fees, or requires detailed queue management to prevent losses.

Strategy has been running for 8+ months with no critical issues and no changes in code base.

Utilized protocol has been audited by multiple firms, have an active bug bounty and had no exploits or hacks in the past.

Low risk

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