Beefy GMX Staking


Beefy-wrapped GMX strategy revolves around GMX staking. The assets are staked on the platform to earn sustainable yield from GMX trading fees.

Risk Level — 'A'


GMX is the leading protocol on Arbitrum which allows users to trade major crypto assets with up to 50x leverage with no price impact. The protocol has been incredibly successful as the GMX team have managed to perfectly align both the interests of traders and liquidity providers, who in return earn real yield by getting a portion of the trading fees, as well as profits from trader liquidations.

Why invest?

With only a few clicks, users can gain exposure to arguably the most significant protocol token on the Arbitrum network. Staked funds also earn yield, making the strategy a perfect fit for long-term GMX holders.

What’s inside?

Funds are converted into GMX and are staked on the GMX platform by Beefy to automatically compound the rewards.

What makes it stand out?

GMX are the originators of one of the most sustainable business models in DeFi with a relentless team constantly improving on their product.

Safety Scoring

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