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DeFi Marketplace


Rivo DeFi Marketplace is designed to simplify and enhance your investment journey in the DeFi space.
By analysing thousands of projects & protocols, Rivo team chose DeFi strategies with best risk-reward ratio and allows you to enter & exit position in one-click using Rivo wallet or any other Web3 wallet (Metamask, WalletConnect, etc.).

Core features

  • Short video tutorials. Exclusive educational content for smarter investment decisions;
  • Risk scoring & security audits. Evaluate and diversify risks to form a balanced investment portfolio;
  • Detailed strategy analysis. Dive deeper in strategy metrics with built-in analytics module (TVL, number of active token holders, etc.);
  • One-click investments. Enter & exit strategy in one click paying gas with any token;
  • 100% self-custodial. We don’t store your keys or assets. True decentralised experience;
  • Strategies lifetime. We monitor each strategy to notify you about any important change;
  • Filter strategies. Filter strategies according to different criteria such as risk scoring, networks, volatility, etc.
On DeFi market you will be able to find all of our up-to-date DeFi strategies. If you have specific preferences or know what you're after, use filters for a specific strategies. Alternatively, feel free to browse through the entire selection to explore all available strategies.

Strategies updates

  • Increase & decrease of strategy APY notification;
  • Increased & decreased of strategy Risk score;
  • Changes in TVL (Total value locked).